The girls head back to Los Angeles when Victoria books a part on All My Children, so Melanie uses the opportunity to sell her old house. But the visit has Melanie reliving the past, Joy trying to jog Michael E. Knight's memory of their past encounter, Victoria scheming to get even with Susan Lucci after she makes changes to her scripts and Elka seeking out Robert Redford. Jimmy Kimmel and Leeves' former Frasier co-star Peri Gilpin guest star.

Victoria tries to talk Melanie into making a sex tape with her to jump-start her career. Meanwhile, while waiting for her therapy appointment, Joy meets a man named Gordon (John Ducey) with whom she is "screwed up in complementary ways", but risks losing him when she steals his files from their therapist's office. Elka rescues a dog from the shelter, called "Dummy" by the shelter workers, and she becomes exasperated when he can't learn any tricks. 

except when he does celebrity impersonations such as Robert De Niro, Sean Connery and William Shatner. Elka goes out with a rich fellow (Steve Lawrence), but discovers he only likes her because she acted stupid. The waiter (John Mahoney) tries to help with the dates, but it turns out that he was ruining them and winds up going out with Elka, revealing the truth about Melanie's date, and breaking up Joy's date by setting him up with somebody else. The episode ends with everybody relaxing and having fun...until the second conjoined twin who was flirting with Joy ends up in trouble with his wife.