Astrid Hofferson (voiced by America Ferrera) - She is Hiccup's close human friend, romantic interest and right-hand woman as well as second-in-command of the Dragon Academy. As an exceptionally strong teenaged warrior of Berk, she is shown to have an occasional temper as well as a tough personality, therefore she is not afraid to commit violence to any extent. As Hiccup had stated, she seems to favor weaponry in her advice that she gives him. Despite this, Astrid will often show care and compassion to those close to her, specifically to Hiccup and her dragon companion, a female blue Deadly Nadder named Stormfly.

Fishlegs Ingerman (voiced by Christopher Mintz-Plasse) - The youth Viking of the group who was able to memorize the Book of Dragons by heart and therefore is able to know every detail of all discovered dragons. As shown in the original film, he has a habit of expressing his inexhaustible knowledge of facts in role-playing game terms. Fishlegs often shows a rather soft, babyish side, especially since owning Meatlug, his brown Gronckle dragon companion, who was revealed to be a female in the Gift of the Night Fury holiday special.

Snotlout Jorgenson (voiced by Zack Pearlman) - The supposed "jock" of the group; unintelligent, brash, and overconfident with himself, being a tough, ideally-trained warrior. When showing interest in attractive girls, especially Astrid, he often attempts, but fails, to impress them. Although friends, Snotlout has found a rival in Hiccup since the Vikings and Dragons have made peace, for Snotlout is known for his strength as a warrior, while Hiccup is known for his intelligence and bonding with the dragons. In addition, both boys are just as opposite in physical build and personality in every way. Snotlout's dragon companion is a male red Monstrous Nightmare named Hookfang, who will often ignore or disregard Snotlout's partly due to his harsh verbal instructions.