The Haven High School should be a place for learning. But now, after a string of murders, it is a place for death. Nathan and Duke decide to return to their old school to help Audrey find whoever is responsible.  All of Haven is deeply asleep and instead of coming to a resolution, the case of the Bolt Gun Killer is just getting more complicated. So Audrey has no choice but to work with the only person in town who is still awake. 

Duke meets a troubled person after searching the Crocker family journal for a cure to his curse and suddenly finds himself in 1955 Haven, where he can't help but wreak havoc with the present until Nathan can find a way to get him home. After Audrey and Duke return to Haven from Colorado, they join Tommy in an attempt to find the woman with the resurrection touch before it's too late while he tries to keep his secret hidden by secretly sabotaging their search. 

Audrey and Duke have finally found a clue about the Colorado Kid's real identity, and they decide to team up and travel west to follow that lead and maybe discover once and for all who exactly this mysterious Colorado Kid is. As Hallow's Eve brings terror to Haven when Audrey, Nathan, Duke and the others are trapped and must spend Halloween night in one of Haven's most infamous buildings, a haunted house to which they were all mysteriously led.